Sea Pups is the newest part of the Sea Lions program. It is meant to prepare your child to be a competitive swimmer with the Sea Lions Club. Swimmers must:

  •  be at least five years old
  •  be able to listen  and follow directions 
  •  be able to stay in the pool for 45 minutes

The classes are twice a week for a four-week session, and space is limited in each class.  Due to limited pool space, we are only able to run Sea Pups a couple times a year.

Spring 2016  Sea Pups is on M/W and T/Th   4 weeks from May 9th - June 2nd, 2016. Session time: 5:45-6:30pm  Cost is $100.  If interested, please call Sarah Espinoza 989-472-3686.  Please bring a completed registration form and liability form with full payment to your Sea Pups first night of swim practice.  Forms are under the "Registration forms" tab on this website.